Dec 13 - Colin Ward, from Swines Meadow Farm Nursery, gave us a very interesting and informative talk on types
             of plants, trees and shrubs which may not, at first sight, consider suitable for growing in our climate. He
             also gave us useful tips and advice on types of fertilizers and soil improvement products which he has found
             work for him. His website can be visited at www.swinesmeadowfarmnursery.co.uk

Mar 08 - Patricia Reynor gave an interesting presentation, with slides, on the development of the Japanese Garden.
             She has spent much time in Japan and was able to enlighten us on the background and symbolism
             surrounding the make up and content of gardens in that country. We learned how nature and religion
             have both played their part, and that the typical Japanese Pine needs much care (and a man with a pair
             of scissors!!) if it is to achieve its full potential. There was also something about Camelias being bad
             news for the Samurai, but you needed to have been at the talk to understand why.
             All in all a thoroughly good evening.

Feb 02 - Jeoff Bates gave an interesting presentation on trees. He pointed out the pros and cons of using various varieties
             of trees in different environments and locations, and expanded on some of the latest thoughts in tree planting,
             management and welfare. We were treated to a tree identification test and views were exchanged between Jeoff
             and some members on the merits of Consall Hall Gardens.

Jan 06  - The 12th Night Party was enjoyed by 52 members. Many thanks to Sylvia and Terry Holt for being our hosts


Dec 09  - John Gibson took us behind the scenes at Chelsea, giving us an interesting insight into the planning
              and effort that goes into mounting this annual gardeneing festival, as well as how the gardens and 
              exhibits are judged.

Nov 10  - Growing Onions and Leeks for Showing. Mark Roberts, of the National Vegetable Society (NVS), is a
              Champion grower. He let us into some of his secrets. For those who can't remember what he said (or
              weren't there) there is an informative article on the NVS website by another grower, Ivor Mace
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Oct 8 2009 - Beneficial insects in the garden
Sep 10 2009 - AGM and talk by Linda Robinson 

Apr 1 2009 - Visit to Highgrove House
Mar 28 2009 - 2009 Spring Show report 

Feb 5 2009 - Garden Talk "It's in the bag" 

Jan 8 2009 - Garden Talk 'Pests & Diseases of Vegetables'

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